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Empowering Industrial Automation Systems

About AccuBytes

We are a small company with a lot of heart and know-how. There aren't any Industrial Automation projects that we're not willing to handle.

AccuBytes Inc was established out of a deep passion for a better way of executing Industrial Automation projects. We build fit-for-purpose Add-Ons for Industrial Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs).

By focusing on exceeding the need, we knock it out of the park.

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Our Values

MISSION: Our Mission is to raise the standard for Industrial Automation projects.

VISION: Our Vision is to do this by creating value-added products by focusing on the "Big Picture" rather than the immediate need. We adhere to rigorous standards and continue to question the status quo.


What we offer


Our Add-Ons are packed with powerful features that are comparible to a big DCS.


Our passion for Automation shows up in everything we do and the products we produce.


Features your Operation will soon learn it can't live without.


Our products keep up with new technology every step of the way.


Our designs are based on the concepts of human behavior and situational awareness.


By designing our products from the ground up with ease of configuration and maintainability in mind, it's a no-brainer.


Our Clients

Royal Dutch Shell

Arc Resources

Suncor Energy


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Edmonton, AB, Canada

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